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March 5, 2019, 11:22 p.m.
Individual Contributor
Bellevue, WA
and Geospatial team Microsoft Maps and
The Microsoft Maps and Geospatial team is the center of excellence for understanding and using location and geospatial knowledge for 1st and 3rd party scenarios. In addition to providing map rendering, geocoding and routing capabilities, we also perform advanced image extraction, entity conflation, and language understanding at internet and big data scale using a broad spectrum of machine learning techniques. Our work is used internally by major products such as Bing, Office, Windows, Skype, and LinkedIn among others, and we power the Bing Maps APIs offered to 3rd party developers. The Places Understanding team is looking for developers and applied scientists to help address user requirements understanding places and locations in queries, conversations and documents from multiple sources in multiple languages.

Candidates will be responsible for end-to-end design and implementation of solutions for place and location understanding problems involving queries, conversations and documents from multiple sources and across languages. This will include identifying and understanding the use cases and requirements, designing and building the appropriate solutions, training and tuning applicable models, running internet-scale services, and measuring the effectiveness of solutions, improvements and our competition. Candidates should expect to interact with other Maps and Geospatial teams, as well as teams across
Required: Deep knowledge and experience in the following areas: machine learning, statistical analysis, data mining, algorithm selection and development; PhD or advanced degree in Computer Science or related field; 5 years design and development skills/experience; knowledge of .NET/C#/C++. Preferred: knowledge of search-related technologies; internet-scale services deployment and operation; geospatial domain knowledge.
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