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June 14, 2019, 11:30 p.m.
People Manager
Redmond, WA
Data Collection, Control,
PIE's Vision is to make it easy for everyone to create, consume, and manage planetary-scale, reliable cloud production services and infrastructure to achieve more. As a team, we bring together significant and complementary capabilities with tooling, infrastructure, monitoring and insights in new ways to increase our perspective. Our diversity of knowledge and experience comes together for the benefit of our users, our colleagues, our business, and ourselves. Microsoft's business runs on the telemetry that we receive from our intelligent cloud and edge. Our team (Observability platform) has the charter to deliver the core telemetry platform of choice for the company. The team works on Data Collection, Control, Correlation/Distributed Tracing, Curation, Metrics, Health and System Intelligence platforms for Observability area. Every part of the company internally (Geneva, Asimov, Xpert, Aria, AppInsights etc.) and externally (Azure Monitor) depends on this team to deliver unifying telemetry

The explicit goal of the core telemetry platform is to provide a consolidated and comprehensive control plane platform that can be used to configure, deploy and control the telemetry workloads. This system will support both first-party and third-party scenarios with a consistent set of APIs and user interfaces. There is an emphasis on taking advantage of as much of the underlying Azure principles and design constructs as possible. As we are evolving this system, one of the key challenges is we need to migrate most of Azure's core services from using existing systems such as MDS and CDE to new,
We're looking for smart, highly motivated and innovative developers who are passionate about building and debugging great cloud services at scale. You will need to be technically deep and effective, contributing to actual coding, design and architecture work to the team and the system. You will also own creating the right infrastructure and process so that we can ship code into production environment weekly. Required Qualifications: 5+ years in development and design experience (C/C++/C# and/or Java) with demonstrated experience shipping products, services At least a bachelor's degree in Computer
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