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June 21, 2019, 5:40 p.m.
People Manager
Redmond, WA
Web Platform team The Word Web
Microsoft Word is a household name and is the go-to tool for creating digital documents for hundreds of millions of users worldwide . For decades the basis of this business has been client applications that users license and install. As the internet has become increasingly ubiquitous , and devices have gotten thinner and cloud dependent, the web presence for Word ( ) is an area of great importance and potential. The Word Web Platform team is looking for a creative, driven, and execution-oriented E ngineering M anager to lead our engineering velocity efforts for web. Velocity of our engineering teams is foundational to delivering world class experiences and being competitive in the market. The mission of this team is to create and improve the tools, technology, and infrastructure to mak e Word web engineers productive and efficient at delivering best in class experiences to our customers . Improvements that this team will drive will have a multiplicative effect across

This role ha s clear short-term goals and longer term provides broad opportunity to identify and drive innovations lev eraging data and engineer feedback . In the next 6-12 months the major focus of this team will be to drive modernization of Word web codebase. Presently our large codebase is written in Script# which is a powerful but defunct language. Over the last year we've developed core techniques and technologies to transpile Script# to TypeScript which will allow us to significantly modernize our engineer ing including improving our ability to leverage OSS and industry standard tools. As
Qualified candidates have professional experience with web and services development , a passion for execution excellence, a re results oriented, and data driven . You should be passionate about people, building a growth mindset culture, growing talent, and fostering diversity, inclusivity, and belonging. You will be hands on and deeply involved in design, strategy, execution, and implementation as necessary to drive high impact. You will be excited to constantly learn new things and share those learnings with others around you and grow the capacity of the entire team. Creating and sustaining a
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