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Jan. 9, 2019, 12:48 a.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
The Checked C
Come help improve the programming languages used for developing systems software. The Checked C project is looking for a talented compiler engineer to join our project. The world's most important software is written in C and C++, including operating systems, browsers, and networking software. Low-level programming errors can turn into security and reliability problems. The Checked C project is incrementally extending C with checking to detect or prevent these errors. For information on the Checked C project, see . As a Senior Engineer, you will design, implement, and be responsible for features of the Checked C compiler implementation. You may also help with the design of new features of the Checked C extension. Your responsibilities will depend on your experience and interests: you may work on the compiler front-end, type checker, static checker, or the implementation and optimization of runtime checks. In addition, you may work on automatic conversion

Design and implement compiler features for Checked C in a fork of the clang/LLVM compiler. Deliver a product-quality implementation by creating tests that show that features work properly. Diagnose and fix bugs reported by programmers. Follow established high-quality software development processes. Participate in the open-source compiler community. Participate in the Checked C extension design.
Required 5 or more years of software development experience 3 or more years of experience implementing compilers or programming languages. Time spent on advanced course work or research may be counted toward this requirement A bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or math Experience developing production code in C++, C#, or Java Preferred Masters or Ph.D. preferred At least 2 years of experience shipping or creating production-quality compiler implementations Experience with clang/LLVM C or C++ programming experience Knowledge of programming language semantics or experience working
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