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Jan. 15, 2019, 12:22 a.m.
Individual Contributor
Bellevue, WA
and Research team Microsoft AI and
The Microsoft AI and Research team needs a strong PM manager to lead the future of the largest distributed computing platform at Microsoft. As Senior Program Manager of Search and AI Platform team, you will be responsible for the platform which delivers a high-quality search result page to 450M monthly active users around the world. Because the scale of our work is continuously increasing many assumptions quickly become irrelevant and we need to regularly redesign our architecture. You'll need to have a passion for innovation while still running a high-quality product for users - we are constantly experimenting and upgrading our service while we serve traffic much like changing the wings of an aircraft while still flying.

Over the next few years we want you to bring our AI Platform to the next level. Your responsibilities will include: Deliver a fast, high quality search to Bing and Office users which can serve billions of queries a month in hundreds of milliseconds Process complex AI and Machine Learning algorithms over petabytes of data including deep neural networks in milliseconds Empower hundreds of data scientists to quickly and safely experiment and continually improve the product Empower internal developers to run hundreds of thousands of plug-ins in our answer framework Automatically burn machine learning
You must have strong strategic sense and great negotiation skills as this is a very fast-moving space with a lot of players across multiple org boundaries. Many of the right decisions for the future may be seen as controversial today. The perfect candidate is someone with the experience or strong understanding of the following: 1) Strong Computer Science foundation – BS or higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent 2) 10+ years of industry experience of successfully built and ran large scale distributed computing, systems software and/or large-scale cloud systems and products 3) Experience
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