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May 1, 2019, 7:45 p.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
Azure Data team Azure SQL Database
Azure is at the center of Microsoft's cloud services strategy, both for external customers as well as for our own services. With the expedited growth of data and the popularity of our enterprise data platforms, Azure SQL Database System is one of our most critical platforms and our goal is to ensure we have the most reliable and trustworthy data platforms in the world. The integrity and trust that we, Microsoft, and our customers have on these services and resources are of paramount importance for confidence in bringing critical business to the cloud. To achieve these goals, the Azure Data team is looking to expand the " R ed T eam" tasked with providing Pen test and red team engagements for this organization . Your role will be to perform pen tests engagement simulating attackers on f eatures and services for existing and new services coming . Complete Red T eam engagements to test security infrastructure and processes. Work with the services ' blue teams in purple team engagements to

Pen testing Lead comprehensive assessments of features and large - scale applications and environments . This includes mapping out the surface area and assessing prioritization based on time, resource, and general importance tradeoffs. Find vulnerabilities in various spaces such as web applications, native applications, database systems, authentication flows, distributed systems and designs , and protocols . Pulling from a flexible knowledgebase of topics such as OWASP, memory corruption, privilege scalation, networking, and etc to find both common and uncommon issues. Fundamentally grasp both
Fundamental understanding of security knowledge around native applications, web applications, distributed and database systems. Understanding of security issues for large scale cloud services and network infrastructures Deep and broad understanding of security vulnerabilities and attacks (Hardware, Firmware, Software, Network, and People), and the ability to understand new ones based on new technology being developed 7-12 years' experience in security and software engineering are a must or equivalent experience Proficiency in Programming languages ( C/C++, dotnet, js , python, sql , others) with
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