Senior Data Scientist, Azure Cloud Server Infrastructure at Microsoft

Senior Data Scientist, Azure Cloud Server Infrastructure Details

April 18, 2019, 7:46 p.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
Infrastructure Analytics team Cloud Server Infrastructure
Azure Cloud Server Infrastructure Analytics team (CSI Analytics) provides Data Engineering, Business Intelligence and Data Science services and is focused on improving quality of Microsoft Azure Cloud Hardware and hardware-related customer experience. We are looking for a passionate Senior Data Scientist with deep knowledge of statistics and machine learning methods, hands-on experience in statistical analysis and applying machine learning algorithms to diverse big data scenarios. We invite you to apply your knowledge and skills for finding insights in data collected from entire Microsoft Azure Cloud hardware fleet and internal Microsoft infrastructures. You'll join a fast-growing multi-functional CSI Analytics team, explore data collected from hundreds of millions of hardware units and components, from software they run or managed by, and from hundreds of worldwide data centers they are hosted in. Our data arrives both in real-time and in batch modes, either as continuous time series or

Scenarios to work on (2-3 from the overall list below) Detect anomalies and patterns in hardware-related data Extract information from structured and non-structured hardware and software logs Analyze sequences and sets of discrete events and correlate them with time series data Calculate customer and service impact of new hardware and software deployments Forecast future state of the fleet Compare behavior of different hardware and software components Learn Azure CSI Hardware domain to understand scenarios, data and applicability of different statistical and machine learning techniques to them
MS or PhD in Statistics or equivalent experience in the areas actively using statistical methods 5+ year hands-on experience in doing statistical analysis and applying Machine Learning techniques Expert-level Python and/or R programming skills in Machine Learning applications Experience in working with large volumes of data (tera- to petabytes) and one of the popular Big Data platforms: Hadoop, Azure HDInsights, Spark/DataBricks, Azure Data Lake (Cosmos) Experienced user of one of the SQL or Non-SQL databases, fluent knowledge of one of popular SQL dialects Passion and curiosity to learn world
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