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Jan. 28, 2019, 9:48 a.m.
Business Development & Strategy
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
The BD.Next team
Quantum computing has the potential to profoundly affect the economic, industrial, academic, and social landscape. Quantum computers allow us to try out all computational paths at once on a single piece of hardware—solving in seconds, hours, or days problems that would take billions of years with conventional hardware. The BD.Next team at Microsoft is a nimble team of business development leaders chartered with identifying transformational technological advancements on the horizon and beyond our current businesses. A key goal for the team is to influence the pace and direction of innovation in areas of strategic importance to the company. The team proposes and guides significant new long-term business opportunities for the company that can be derived from R and D efforts across Microsoft Research and works closely with M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures). We are looking for a hybrid technologist and Business Development professional with a propensity for successfully influencing engineering

Startup and developer ecosystem development Develop new partner programs to accelerate adoption of the Quantum Development Kit and Q# programming language Develop and maintain strong ecosystem of startups working on algorithm development Analyze partner requirements and work with engineering teams to prioritize scenarios/features for development Industry and Technical Expertise Develop a deep understanding of the quantum competitive landscape, market dynamics, product and technology trends, and start-ups. Intellectual curiosity and passion for connecting the dots across disruptive technologies
Experience working with startups and developers on disruptive new technology and new business models Passion for product, technology, and innovation that deliver breakthrough new customer experiences Demonstrated ability to impedance match startup processes with large companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships Leading cross-disciplinary virtual teams and driving key business development initiatives from creation to implementation in partnership with senior Microsoft executives. Ability to influence all levels from senior executives on down and all functions (such as engineering, marketing,
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