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June 25, 2019, 5:01 a.m.
Individual Contributor
Bellevue, WA
Applied Scientist- Machine
The Applied Scientist- Machine Learning role is responsible for building AI models that can perform previously impossible tasks or achieve unprecedented results for most important natural language understanding tasks. Our vision is to achieve human level cognition on text and building the end-to-end ability to answer questions on the internet. This requires defining the problem, establishing metrics, gathering training data, building deep learning models to solve the problem and ship it in production to make customer impact. To support this process, you will be working alongside other experienced machine learning engineers, scientists and MSR researchers, have access to a team of human judges for labeling training data, leverage one of the largest data sets in the world consisting of trillions of real world documents, ample computation power to process the data and the flexibility of deep learning frameworks. Our team is called Bling ( B eyond L anguage Understand ing ). We work with real-world

Identify areas of improvement for our products Define a problem and establish a metric Write judgment guidelines and collect training data Develop deep learning models to solve a problem Ship your technique to the product for customer impact Write a paper and contribute to open source
BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent Experience developing Deep Learning models Experience with Natural Language Processing Eager to learn new technologies Excellent analytical skills Strong programming skills Leadership potential
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