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Nov. 22, 2018, 1:52 a.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
Research AI (MSR
Microsoft Research AI (MSR AI) seeks exceptional researchers in the areas of deep learning, reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, and related fields. MSR AI is comprised of researchers, engineers, and postdocs who take a broad perspective on the next-generation of intelligent systems. We seek applicants from all areas of deep learning, reinforcement learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related fields with a passion and demonstrated ability for independent research, including a strong publication record at top international research venues. Examples of current projects and directions in deep learning include: Multi-modal intelligence, fusing vision and language capabilities Reinforcement learning, including applications to dialog systems, games, and operational control problems Natural language processing with applications to language understand and language generation Neuro-symbolic systems and reasoning Neural program synthesis Foundations of deep learning,

As a researcher in Microsoft Research AI, you will have the opportunity to develop your research career as a member of a world-class research organization. We offer a vibrant environment for cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research, both theoretical and applied, including access to diverse data sources, an open publication policy, and close links to top academic institutions around the world.
Successful candidates will have a PhD and a well-established research track record as demonstrated by publications and open source software. Additionally, scientific leadership as demonstrated by participation on program committees is desirable. You are encouraged to define your own research agenda, while also collaborating with members of the lab. You may also get the chance to see your ideas realized in products and services that will be used worldwide.
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