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May 22, 2019, 2:33 a.m.
Individual Contributor
Bellevue, WA
Application Group(BAG) AI
Business Application Group(BAG) AI excellence center is working on cutting edge AI problems for business applications. The team is working on applying advanced NLP techniques to customer facing products, such as conversational AI, question answering and recommendation. We are a hybrid team of research and product with researcher positions, applied scientist positions and software engineer positions. We are product driven team with the flexibility to tackle challenging research problems for future product requirements. In addition to high impact products, we also work on achieving state of the art results on high visibility world-class AI leaderboards. We have previously held the top position in a few of them, such as GLUE, WikiSQL, SciTail, SWAG, and SNLI. Microsoft's BAG AI Excellence Center is seeking an experienced researcher or developer to work on Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. We are looking for a passionate, creative, analytical and experienced

As a Researcher or experienced developer, responsibilities may include working with AI experts and excellent engineers to design and build deep learning NLP and RL models for applications like chatbots and language understanding, with an emphasis on high quality and shipping quickly. Other times you may incubate projects with a long-term view towards future product needs.
We are looking for candidates with good coding skills and experience. An ideal candidate will have Demonstrated experience in one of the following fields: machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning or reinforcement learning. In addition, the candidate needs to have demonstrated experience in at least one of following areas: question answering, language modeling, information extraction, text classification, text summarization, conversation/dialog and related NLP or RL applications. Familiarity with Python and deep learning toolkit such as Pytorch or Tensorflow; experience in C#
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