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March 11, 2019, 3:59 p.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
does this team Office Planning and
What does this team impact? The charter of the Office Planning and Research team is to identify foundational human needs and influence product strategy to improve the way users experience, and feel about, Office 365 and M icrosoft 365. Our team is focused on modernizing the Office suite by making it revolve around each person, turning this into a delightful experience , and deep relationship with Microsoft. We work in partnership with designers, program managers, engineers, and other researchers - transforming the experience for our users while being careful stewards of a successful business. In this team/role, you will: Create a holistic, relevant, impactful research plan that provides the broad market views and deep customer insights needed to define user journeys/customer scenarios related to Office experiences to Microsoft's 1 st party hardware devices Collaborate with other researchers and data scientists to derive insights from telemetry , quantitative data and qualitative data ,

Who do we need? The person who joins us needs to consistently: Create Clarity.   We amass lots of knowledge—data, insights, experiences, customer viewpoints, business concerns—and we need someone who can help the team tell clear, simple stories focused on "the why" with actionable recommendations that consider the big picture, including business, experience and technology considerations.  We need someone wh o can look across disciplines and stitch viewpoints togethe r. Drive Impact and Change.   We often need to rally people around a set of outcomes and keep them moving toward the right accountability
What does it take? Balance business motivations and end-user value You are e ager to learn and understand our customer audiences , modern work trends, and our product experience Can demonstrate strong empathy for the users while balancing the vision and constrain t s of stakeholders Desire to work in-stride with other people: PMs, developers, designers, other researchers, marketers Really, you must love this part of the job. The lines between this role and others are often unclear and you must be comfortable with contributing, engaging others despite the ambiguity Be ready to win together. This
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