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April 9, 2019, 1:16 a.m.
People Manager
Redmond, WA
designer, gameplay team Gameplay Designer that
343 is looking for an experienced Gameplay Designer that can craft and implement exciting gameplay scenarios that push boundaries to engage players . Responsibilities will focus on encounter design, implementation of gameplay goals, and a variety of scenario building . This person will work directly with their lead designer, gameplay teams, level design , narrative, artists, and programmers to ensure that cross discipline collaboration relationships are respected and nurtured so that the player experience is continually the highest quality.

Build gameplay scenarios with a wide variety of styles and purposes Build gameplay moments such as combat encounters, narrative events, and points of interest within the game world. Author and review design documentation. Play test and iterate on scenario and encounter content to ensure the highest quality. Build and maintain collaborative relationships with all development functions to ensure a best-in-industry production process, player experience and team environment. Help maintain quality and guidance for junior gameplay designers Work closely with partner teams to ensure a cohesive encounter
5+ years working as a gameplay implementor, scripter or level designer on a first person/third person shooter title Deep understanding of gameplay and encounter design theories and practices Proficient in using a 3D modelling package such as Maya Proficient in using game editing software such as Unreal, Unity, Frostbite, etc. Experience in using a text based scripting language (C#, LUA, UnityScript, etc.) Excellent writing and communication skills A focus on systemic and procedural gameplay design A love for narrative based games and shooters in general 343careers
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