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May 20, 2019, 10:36 a.m.
Research Science
Seattle, Washington
Algorithm (FMA) team Jeff Bezos’s, 2014
From Jeff Bezos’s, 2014 Amazon shareholder letter ( “Internally, Marketplace was known as SDP for Single Detail Page. The idea was to take our most valuable retail real estate – our product detail pages – and let third-party sellers compete against our own retail category managers.” Today, millions of third party sellers offer products alongside Amazon Retail though the Amazon Marketplace. The Featured Merchant Algorithm (FMA) team owns the system and algorithms that select the offers that are featured on the ‘Add to Cart’ button (aka the ‘Buy Box’) on Amazon’s most valuable retail real estate – the Product Detail Page referenced above. The FMA team’s mission is to ensure that featured offers provide the best possible customer value based on factors including price, availability, delivery options and customer service. Our team leverages sophisticated econometric, machine learning, and big data technologies to help customers to discover the right products at the

· Basic Qualifications · PhD in Economics · 2-3 or more years of experience in industry, consulting, government or academic research · Expertise in applied time series · Fluency in at least one statistical software package such as R, Stata, Matlab, SAS · Preferred Qualifications · Applicants with considerably more experience, including mid-career, are also strongly encouraged · Strong background in statistics methodology, machine learning, applications to business problems, and/or big data · Experience with programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, experience with SQL and / or working in
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