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March 25, 2019, 8:12 p.m.
Individual Contributor
Redmond, WA
Redmond Minecraft team Redmond Minecraft team
The Redmond Minecraft team is looking for an experienced and very organized Art lead to help continue the style of art we have all come to love in Minecraft. This Art Lead needs to be a fan of Minecraft, passionate about their style, and excited about its future. This person will be foundation in establishing pipelines, workflows, as well creating art for the product. We work in a culture where all our team members' value: Passion for Minecraft : Our team is here because it is full of people that are passionate about Minecraft. Both what it is today, what is can be in the future. We pour ourselves into the IP while making sure to do the right things at the right times. We are a scrappy group and our passion for Minecraft will constantly set us apart from those who just want to take part. Innovation : We have the ability to take on all kinds of crazy things, people here at their core are innovators. We want to make new experiences. We want to change things. We want to give our audience something

Manage an internal art team day-to-day consisting of vendor artists of various levels Work with Art Director and Production team to define key milestones Actively accepts and provides direction to the art team Ability and willingness to work with the Creative and Art Directors to ensure consistency between vision and implementation of all art and in-game building Collaborate with technical teams to develop procedures and pipelines Coordinate the technical and aesthetic processes in order to realize the vision Collaborate with design teams to align art with game design and gameplay needs Makes a
Fan of Minecraft with extensive examples of working in the game Art-related degree and/or comparable professional experience Exceptional visual and technical understanding in rendering and asset creation 5+ years industry experiences with atleast 3 years of AAA experience with one shipped title 5+ years in Maya, 3D Max or XSI* For PORTFOLIO SUBMISSIONS Examples of Minecraft creations In-world building Visual MODing Minecraft renders Examples of High resolution modelling, both organic and Hard Surface. Examples of full set design and scene management. Wireframe and isolated renders of relevant models,
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