Microsoft Studio D

  • The Microsoft Studio D Building address is
    15030 NE 36th, Redmond, WA.
  • Get directions to the Microsoft Studio D Building from Bing: 15030 NE 36th, Redmond, WA
  • Microsoft Studio D Building is part of the West Campus. Microsoft Studio D Building is also part of the Studio-Commons Campus.
  • This building might also be known as Microsoft Building 94.
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1.22 a.m.3 stars (35)Bars, Karaoke, Buffets
1.2Cafe Ori3.5 stars (108)Chinese
1.2I Love Teriyaki4 stars (19)Japanese
1.2Li's Dumpling And Noodles House4 stars (28)Chinese
1.2Sushi-Ten3.5 stars (27)Sushi Bars
1.2Tosoni's4.5 stars (28)Modern European
1.3Kobe Sushi Sake Robata3 stars (14)Japanese, Karaoke
1.3Shalimar3.5 stars (21)Indian
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