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TitleSolution Specialist Project
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Date AddedMarch 18, 2015
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Why does the SSP Project role exist? The Solution Specialist (SSP) Project adds value to Microsoft by delivering our three tier strategy for Work Management, Project Management, and Portfolio Management for on premises and cloud based solution opportunity revenue and growing market share through new and/or leveraged investments in Microsoft technologies. How does the SSP Project role add value?

The SSP Project role adds value by:

1. Acceleration and driving our strategic shift to the Cloud via a strategic corporate workload.

2. Developing a healthy three tier pipeline for Work, Project, and PPM qualified opportunities.

3. Working with the SSP Prod and the ATS during Account Planning/IO Discovery to complete customer profiles and identify growth and net new revenue opportunities.

4. Working with the SSP Prod in the ATU to identify Work Mgmt., Project Mgmt., and PPM compete gaps within targeted accounts and the ways in which Microsoft can dislodge the competition or augment the share of Microsoft technologies within accounts. These workloads are seen and identified as significant differentiators against Productivity Cloud competition.

5. Identifying and targeting accounts using available Whitespace Analysis tools to drive Project/PPM revenue and market share growth within Accounts and Territory.

6. Create and execute against a high quality, accurate, targeted Territory Plan that drives a highly qualified pipeline funnel to exceed strategic and revenue targets.

7. Ensuring handoffs to and engagements with the appropriate resources (within the ATU or STU, to partners and/or Services) at the appropriate phase of the MSS/CDF.

8. Working with ATU team members, LS/LE, and/or Services to close deals by reinforcing the business value of PPM on prem and cloud based solutions offerings and acting as an interface between customers and partners/Services.

9. Contributing to the recruitment, engagement and readiness of local partners who can help the SSP Project role scale capacity.

10. Delivering high value references and case studies for new cloud based and industry wins that can be leveraged in future sales engagements.

How is the SSP Project role unique from other roles?

The SSP Project role is unique in:

a. The SSP's ability to hunt/drive new revenue via leveraging a core set of partners and their applications and/or implementation expertise into a PPM business value solution for specific customers.

b. Its in-depth knowledge of targeted customers' Line of Business decision-makers (PMO executives, Finance, IT, Operations, Marketing, etc.) and their project and portfolio management challenges, requirements and existing tools and processes.

c. The SSP's focus on articulating the complex platform and solution scenarios and the associated value proposition of Microsoft PPM solutions to support effective project and portfolio management across a customer's organization and how these fit into the Microsoft stack.

SSP Profile of Excellence - SSP Project Summary

The job's primary deliverables and tasks are listed in order of importance along with the portion of the job's time spent on each. Note that priorities and time allocation may change over time to meet changing business conditions.

Deliverables, Tasks and Success Criteria Estimated Annual % of Time Total of 100% combining all deliverables below

Drive Solution Revenue and Market Share through New, upsell, cross-sell, attach, and Renew models Success in this job deliverable is measured by PPM revenue and/or solution win numbers being met or exceeded: x% annuity penetration and y% of pipeline ($value) weighted with Cloud or Online based opportunities (as defined by local FY commitments). Other metrics that can contribute to success: x% increase in desktop Pro Mix, % of sales attached to Office/Office 365 sales motion, # of net seat adds, # of new Online accounts. 15%

Create detailed opportunity and territory plans that contribute to overall team planning processes: Tasks include contributing to the creation of opportunity plans that are based on the identification of work mgmt., project mgmt., and portfolio management opportunity whitespace analysis and opportunity identification. Maintaining and building relationships with, key contacts within targeted accounts and territory.

Leveraging core strategic partners to drive scale in the territory. Success is measured by the extent to which the SSP's planning and execution against plans drive both adequate pipeline and revenue within the individual and team construct. Develop Project and Social (SPO/Yammer) plans that contribute in building a BDM power map (or equivalent, as appropriate). 10%

Healthy, Valid Solution Opportunity Pipeline: Tasks include monitoring the pipeline and its health through team reviews, inputting into the appropriate tools and identifying stalled or disengaged opportunities. Success is measured by the pipeline's weighted gap (1x, total PPM, 90 days rolling), quota that is met or exceeded, a 75% partner attach rate to all opportunities in pipeline, and the accuracy of information shared with team members and input into tools. 10%

Prospected and Qualified Opportunities:

- Tasks include qualifying prospects into opportunities, identifying a sponsor and the sponsor's pain and handing off opportunities as appropriate.

- Success is measured by the SSP's ability to negotiate access to power and obtaining agreement from the customer on the sponsor letter. 15%

Effective Opportunity Development:

- Tasks include determining the appropriate solution to address the customer's pain or opportunity, pulling together an effective v-team and evaluation/engagement plan, sourcing opportunities to the appropriate partners and/or Services.

- Success is measured by the effectiveness of the v-team, the customer's agreement to the phases of the evaluation/engagement plan and lowered cost-of-sale. 15%

Customer Agreement that Solutions Demonstrated Provide Business Value:

- Tasks include delivering (solution presentations/briefings) or coordinating sales engagements (e.g., POC, Pilot, FastTrack deployment, etc. led by the SSP Productivity/Project, MCS, or P-Seller) and communicating back to customers and internal engaged team members after all engagements.

- Success is measured by engagements and solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, and customer agreement or commitment to deploy. 10%

Closed Deals in Collaboration with ATU/STU Team Members, Partners and/or Services:

- Tasks include developing and presenting proposals to customers, monitoring the procurement process, facilitating discussions/negotiations between partners and/or Services and making recommendations on additional products or offerings to move deals to close.

- Success is measured by a signed contract or agreement from the customer. 10%

Engaged, Committed and Readied Solution Partners:

- Tasks include working with PMM's and or PAMs to identify and qualify partners who can deliver high-quality, high-value for Microsoft customers, developing an opportunity passing strategy for partners, assessing their performance and providing feedback, and providing or facilitating the provision of readiness activities for Partners.

- Success is measured by size $x of go-to partner pipelines (MS Product pipe), x# of Gold level partners with Project/PPM offers/practices, especially New Project offerings (Project "Lite")(all as defined by local FY commitments), partner satisfaction, customer satisfaction with partners, and the reinforcement of the Microsoft partner value message. 10%

Referenced Accounts/Satisfied Accounts:

- Tasks include working with customers on both formal and informal reference relationships and plans, escalating issues raised by customers to the appropriate resources, and feeding enhancements back to Microsoft product and product/solution marketing groups.

- Success is measured by x# of reference-able wins and x# of customer evidence submissions (all as defined by local FY commitments), and customer satisfaction (as measured by NSAT scores).
5% Summary of Role in Microsoft's Business Processes
Results What business results is this role accountable for? What are the key initiatives and challenges facing this role over the next 6 months to 3 years? The SSP Project role is responsible for delivering solution opportunity revenue through new and/or leveraged investments in Microsoft technologies.

The SSP Project role develops and maintains a healthy (mix of new, renew, Cloud) and valid pipeline. The challenges facing the SSP Project role over the next 6 months to 3 years are the following: Driving the new Online strategy and environment as well as a mix of new solution scenarios including Project Online, Project "Lite", and Work Management Influencing business decision-makers outside of the PMO or IT on the benefits and business value of investing in increased productivity, accountability, governance, and corporate strategy through the use of Microsoft Work/Project & Portfolio management offerings, and to drive Net New business and accounts ("green field markets").

Position Scope In what ways and levels does this role affect Microsoft: department-wide impact, division-wide impact, domestic only, worldwide, etc.?. The SSP Project role affects Microsoft at the customer account level within a specified geography or territory. The SSP Project role also contributes to worldwide knowledge sharing and best practices within the SSP community. The market that work/project/portfolio management comprises is large and growing. This role has the opportunity to more than double in the next 4 years (>$2B business).

Decision-Making What are the key decisions that this role makes? What is the importance of these decisions? On what decisions would this role need to defer to its manager or customer? The key decisions made by the SSP Project role are centered on the optimal solutions to help meet customers' pains or opportunities and the best ways to allocate resources within and across opportunities. These decisions impact the probability of an opportunity moving to close and rely heavily on customer and partner interactions and input, and manager support.

Strategy and Development To what extent is the role responsible for the strategy, design, development, rollout or implementation of programs, products and/or services? The SSP Project role is responsible for performing inventories of customers' environments to identify PPM compete gaps analyses, contributing to opportunity generation plans and developing evaluation/engagement plans. These plans contribute to the overall Account Planning process.

Communication/ Business Relationships What other internal communication/business relationships does this role have with management, direct reports, peers and positions outside immediate work group? What is the purpose/type of communication:

- Data collection, negotiation, status reports, etc.? The SSP Project role is dependent on strong and established relationships with AMs and ATU team members.

- The SSP Project role is also brought to communicate effectively and efficiently with SSP Prod and Productivity team members (SSP and TSP roles) within the STU.

- The SSP Project also interfaces with the Project BG Leads and the Project PMM(s) (Product Marketing Manager in M&O).

- The primary purpose of communication is to relay information and insights into customer accounts through the SSP Project's knowledge and understanding of the customer's business drivers.

What type of external communication/business relationships does this position have with vendors, partners, press and etc.? The external communication and business relationships center primarily around partners and the development of their expertise on Microsoft products and value propositions and their effective delivery to customer accounts.

What key stakeholders (roles, departments, and business functions) does this role rely on to achieve its goals? What key stakeholders does this role impact? The SSP Project role relies on and impacts AM and ATU team members, Productivity SSP and other team members (SSP and TSP roles) within the STU. The role also interfaces with Services as the SSP Project role stays current on and monitors customer implementations of PPM solutions.

Candidate Profile:

- Qualifications
- Area Qualification Description of what is required/preferred

Experience What work experience is essential to the job?
How many years of previous work experience would it typically take to gain sufficient experience in these areas to minimally fill this job role?
No related experience
1-3 years of related experience
3-5 years of related experience
5-8 years of related experience
8-10 years of related experience
10+ years of related experience

What type of supervisory or management experience would be necessary to fulfill the job requirements, if any? No supervisory or management experience is required.

Extensive experience in Sales and in working within teams is required.

Education What education is typically required for the job?

Required Preferred
High School MBA/Master's Degree
Associate's Degree PhD
Bachelor's Degree

Field of Study Business Administration, Computer Science

Professional Training and Certification PMI certified or a member of MPUG, sales and partner management, complex sales training (e.g., Miller Hyman, Spin, Michael Bosworth, Holden, etc.), sales methodologies (equivalent to MSSP), presentation skills, effective marketing tactics, negotiation skills, financial analysis, Line of Business applications, Productivity product line(s) in general and Yammer, SharePoint, Lync, and Office 365.

Additional, Project & Portfolio Management experience and business process consulting or automation, MS CRM, MCSE
Comparable Jobs
Source Comparable Jobs
Internal Other SSP Role-Type, Services Engagement Manager (EM), Services Technical Account Manager (TAM), EPG ATU Account Manager, SSP (w/prior PMO experience)
External PPM Speciality Sales Manager, Solution Sales Manager, Account Executive having sold PPM oriented solutions, Territory Account Manager, Sales Engineer, Sales Representative, all having some level of strong successful selling of PPM offers experience. Experience in selling Cloud based Services.
Non-Microsoft Prior Work Experience

Sales position within an IT Consulting or Services company such as Accenture, EDS, IBM Global Services, HP or the equivalent Sales or consulting position in a competing software company, particularly Oracle Primavera, aTask, Planisware, SmartSheet, SAP, CA/Clarity, IBM, HP PPM Strong experience in selling Cloud based services important to role success.

Technology Skills Support development and maintenance of the following skills *Refer to the Appendix on page 6 for full details on skill levels
Subject Matter Expertise 200 to 300 Level knowledge of customers' Project and Portfolio Management needs 200 to 300 Level knowledge in the following applications and how they grew and stabilized, relative to the PPM space: -

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Dynamics - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - MSCRM, Oracle 200 Level knowledge of the tools and resources used by customers and their Lines of Business (e.g., financial metrics and statements, industry and analyst reports, executive dashboards, etc.)

Microsoft Products 200 Level knowledge in significant PPM Enterprise products: On prem and Cloud 100 to 200 Level knowledge of related MS Productivity Enterprise products: Visio, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Lync, Yammer, O365 100 Level knowledge of basic Microsoft platform technologies

Competitor/Partner Products 200 Level knowledge of Global SI PPM partners, for example:

- PCubed, TPG, and Local/Regional SI EPM partners

200 Level knowledge of Global ISV PPM partners, for example: - Pcubed and Local/Regional ISV PPM partners 100 to 200 Level knowledge of competitors and their products: - Niku, IBM, Primavera, Vignette, Artemis
Hiring Profile Seek candidates possessing the following indicators of success Refer to SSP Hiring Guide for Hiring Indicators and Interview Questions, found at strong, proven track record of consistently holding or exceeding quota using a consultative/solution selling approach, focused on solving Enterprise customer problems with PPM solutions, within customers and markets that require a "break the mould" approach (e.g., size of transactions, complexity of sales, shifts in perception, etc). A.K.A Strong Seller.

Demonstrated experience and expertise selling technology to senior business decision-makers by reinforcing the value of the technology to the customer's overall business pain and/or strategic opportunities.

Proven record of effective account management, including Account Planning, Opportunity Generation and Management, Communication Plans, and Business Management Excellence. Is a resourceful problem-solver, leveraging internal and partner resources where and when needed to do what's right for the customer and for the organization. Working effectively within a virtual team, taking strategic direction from opportunity owners and considering inputs from team members. Listening to customers (as opposed to telling/selling), probing for business process pains and opportunities, in an effort to meet or exceed their expectations. Leveraging partner-facing readiness activities to continuously find ways to scale capacity within a territory or vertical.

Microsoft Sales Competencies Summary of Sales Competencies and Proficiency Targets Refer to SSP Hiring Guide for Competency-Based Interview Questions, found at
Competency Proficiency Target Competency Proficiency Target Confidence 2 Technology Expertise 2 Impact and Influence 2 Building Customer/Partner Relationships 2 Interpersonal Awareness 2 Value Selling 3 Cross-Boundary Collaboration 2 Strategic Sales Planning 3 Team Leadership 3 Drive for Results 3
Appendix: Technology Skill Levels The following defines the 100 to 500 level scale used in the Technology Skills section above

Skill Level Descriptions:

- Level 100 Conversant. Aware of key issues associated with the technology or skill, where and why it is appropriate to use, and major limitations on applicability. Knowledgeable of appropriate terminology. Aware of limitations of own knowledge, and of how and when to seek additional expertise.

- Level 200 Literate. Has received in-depth training in the technology or skill, and is knowledgeable on methods and procedures for its application. Capable of practicing the technology or skill, but lacking in substantial real-world experience in execution and implementation.

- Level 300 Practitioner. Fully trained and competent in the technology or skill, with appropriate real-world experience in its application. Uses the technology or skill on a regular basis, and is knowledgeable of business, technical, and other challenges and critical success factors for implementation.

- Level 400 Fluent. An acknowledged leader in the use and implementation of the technology or skill, with multiple instances of successful implementation of the technology or skill, including success stories and case studies to demonstrate credibility with customers, partners, and Microsoft employees.

- Level 500 Expert. Globally acknowledged expert on technology or skill, with authorship of key technologies or of published materials contributing to understanding of the field. Able to explain reasoning behind key technical architecture choices. Leader in developing Journeymen and in creation of course content for advancing the state of Microsoft's Corporate capabilities.

This job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this role. The actual duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may vary based on assignment or group.

No relocation is available for this role

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.
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