Senior Supply Base Engineer - Metals - Microsoft Devices Group - MSC () in Redmond, WA

TitleSenior Supply Base Engineer - Metals - Microsoft Devices Group - MSC ()
CategoryHardware Engineering
LocationRedmond, WA
DivisionMicrosoft Devices Group
Date AddedDecember 5, 2014
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Join Microsoft in this amazing opportunity as a Supplier Based Engineer where you will have upfront engagement with product development teams to provide influence into design specifications and equipment selection. This is truly a unique position that allows for high impact and the ability to lead cross-functional organizations through a multitude of decisions.

The Manufacturing, and Supply Chain (MSC) group is looking for a Sr. Supply Base Engineer specializing in metals, fabrication and tooling. In this role you will be a part of the component manufacturing process design and equipment selection to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solutions based on a given design. You must be able to understand the technical performance expectations of the equipment selected and accurately predict production performances. In this role you will establish optimal processing parameters for each step of the production process (i.e. cycle time, yield, consumable replacement, etc.). You will influence design specifications for mechanical component/assembly manufacturing optimization to support category management deliverables. This role will require you to ensure completeness and comprehensive product specifications and process parameters prior to production as well as clearly documenting the technical aspects of the suppliers' production expectations. This position deals greatly with supplier engagement. You will be the procurement engineer leading the identification of supply base capabilities as well as leading the suppliers' process engineering team to design optimal processes to produce components utilizing 6-Sigma methodology. Quarterly/Semi-Annual Executive Management Reviews to identify market technology trends that influence product design will be a large part of this role. You will influence change management to continuously improve efficiency and performances via repeatable processes, people growth and elimination of work duplication.

A successful candidate will be extremely process oriented, highly detailed and action oriented. You must have a high ambition to grow with Microsoft and the MSC organization. High energy/impact individuals that demonstrate ability to succeed in high demand and ultra-high stress environment will best thrive in this role. Demonstrated ability to successfully navigate through ambiguities/obstacles through facts, evaluation of alternatives, open-mindedness, thought-through strategy and superior communications through cross functional engagements will be an everyday part of this position and candidates must show they have the ability to lead in this type of environment. The ability to quantify and qualify situations as well as a relentless drive to overachieve and make the most of what is provided will be required. We look for candidates that are passionate about new technologies but also possess business mind set to apply to practical applications to industrialize technologies that meet business objectives.

Functional Expectations:

o Professional experiences in the "Automotive" or "Aerospace" industry desired.
o Professional experiences in "owned" factory operations. Designed/selected production processes/equipment/consumables/etc.
o Experiences in metal-forming, mold-flow, etc. predictive software packages.
o 6-Sigma certifications.
o Superior Project/Timeline (Consumer Electronics Integrated Project Management) adherence experiences.
o Manufacturing thru-put and capacity analysis skillset.
Category Requirements:

o MECHANICAL-METALS FABRICATION components focus including (stamping, forging, extrusion, forming, machining, wire-cutting, CNC cutter selection/design, etc.) and secondary cosmetic surface treatments including (painting, anodizing, vacuum metallization, etc.).

Education/Other Requirements:

o Advanced engineering degrees or equivalent experiences.
o Must be an ENGINEERING/PROCESS PROFESSIONAL with strong BUSINESS acumen skills.
o Quick learner of Microsoft systems and processes. Agile & Adaptable.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.
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