Risk Manager- MSF, Sales in Redmond, WA

TitleRisk Manager- MSF
LocationRedmond, WA
Date AddedDecember 5, 2014
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Microsoft Financing is a rapidly growing organization with operations in more than 15 countries and additional countries coming on line this year. Our loan portfolio has more than doubled each year and is planned to grow 70% this year exceeding one billion dollars. This rapid growth has created the need for an experienced credit analyst to support this growth and to help manage portfolio risk.
Microsoft Financing is a wholly owned subsidiary whose mission is to help sell more Microsoft product by providing financing and payment solutions to Microsoft's customers. With growing geographies, growing business volume, and a growing portfolio WW Credit and Risk function plays a critical role in managing this business and in its overall success and profitability. Microsoft Financing has embarked on several projects which will lead to having financing a part of every customer proposal, giving Microsoft greater flexibility in its customer offerings.

This position is responsible for working with internal sales teams and outside vendors in managing the WW credit underwriting and decision process, portfolio risk management, exception approvals, documentation negotiation, policy development, and process design and implementation. Extensive internal contact will also be part of this job as financing is integrated into current and future product offerings and processes. This position will have delegated credit decision making authority.

Bachelor's degree in Finance or related discipline
5+ years in Commercial credit underwriting experience is required (strongly prefer candidate that also has Public Sector experience)
Documentation experience - familiarity with leasing and financing documents and contracts
5+ years of program management experience
Proficient Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
Extensive Financial statement review experience.
Multi-year agreement experience also required.

Captive vendor underwriting experience
Prefer experience underwriting middle market to large ticket companies and transactions where financial statement spreading and contact with clients is demonstrated
SuperTrump, T-Value (or other leasing industry pricing tools)
Software financing experience not required but is a plus.

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